My Approach To Therapy

Did you know that desert wild flowers (the stuff of legendary super blooms) can lay dormant in the dirt for years, sometimes decades?

These seeds know to wait for the right conditions to bloom. They even have a unique coating that helps them endure the drought and heat until the rain comes and they’re safe to shed that coat, deepen their roots, rise up and bloom.

I believe that the adversities of our past and present often leave us with a tough coating that can make it hard for us to germinate and bloom.

Therapy offers you an environment to help you shed that once protective layer that’s become a barrier to your growth.

I’ve always said that my passion as a therapist is helping people be who they’re meant to be in the world—to help them bloom.

Over my years as a therapist, I’ve developed specializations in trauma, grief and codependency because these adversities are often what hold us back from thriving and reaching fuller self-expression, self-efficacy and self-worth in our lives.

When we carry unhealed wounds we can get stuck, lying dormant for years on end. We can feel unable to achieve the connections and community we so deeply desire.

My training in family systems, humanistic, existential and depth psychotherapies integrate to provide treatment that is unique to you; and which respect the community, family and context of your life.

I utilize EMDR to address the memories and experiences which talk therapy has been unable to resolve. EMDR breaks through cognitive barriers to help you reprocess traumatic memories at body and brain level.

Further, I incorporate eco-therapy for those seeking the multitude of benefits from connecting to nature. Sometimes this takes the form of doing sessions outdoors, or encouraging clients to take nature walks, or other nature-based interventions.

My goal is to address healing at the levels of body, mind and spirit to help you move from dormant to thriving.

I believe your healing matters because each of our lives are incredibly valuable, and your well-being has a ripple effect that impacts your family, your community and the world as a whole.

Ready to begin your journey of healing?