About Me

If you’re reading this: know that your
courage and curiosity matters.

It is no small feat to seek therapy, and I’m so grateful you’re here!

My clients often describe me as warm, helpful and kind; and that’s true! And, I do not holdback from getting down to business and understanding what’s at the root of your pain and suffering. My clients and I also laugh a lot- even when we’re talking about really heavy stuff- because we’re human and laughter is the medicine we need.

I also pride myself on really customizing my treatment for each client. I have some core methods of treatment that are in my wheelhouse, but how we work with these healing modes depends on each client’s needs.

When you work with me, you’ll learn that I will solicit and value your feedback– I want to know what’s working for you and what’s less helpful. I always say that my goal is to get you the help you need– I will never force a round client into a square hole of therapy.

If you meet with me in-office, you’ll likely have the opportunity to hang with my little dog, Beatrix. She’s a miniature schnauzer (hypo-allergenic), and is more teddy bear than dog. Of course, if this is uncomfortable for you, please let me know and we’ll adjust as needed

How to get started.

Our journey starts with a consultation call, a quick 15 minute conversation where I get to know a little about your needs, tell you a little about my practice, and make sure that I’ll be a good fit for what you need

Typically, we’ll schedule your first session at the end of that consultation call. In between the call and your first session, you’ll receive some intake forms which review my practice policies and have a few questionnaires which deepen my insight into you and your current struggles.

These forms are provided digitally, confidentially, and take about 10-15 minutes to complete. I do ask that you complete them prior to your first appointment.

What the journey through therapy is like

The therapy journey is rewarding and relieving– and– it’s hard work. We work together to determine where to start and how to keep unpacking the pain and stuckness you’ve been living with. We regularly check in on how the work is going- are you reaching your goals? What else is emerging for you?

Along the way, you gather tools that will help you learn to manage the difficulties of life more independently, and you’ll get tools to manage future struggles. I often say that my goal is to “work myself out of a job”- meaning I want you to achieve your goals and feel empowered to complete therapy successfully. I also believe that therapy will always be a tool in your emotional toolbox, and sometimes we return to therapy later on when we start to feel stuck again, or face an unexpected struggle. Returning to therapy, or having check-in sessions from time to time, allows you to keep your therapy tools sharp and accessible so that emotional mole-hills don’t become mountains.

I use an integrative therapy approach that centers on positive regard for my clients, trauma-informed care, and eco based therapies. I encourage clients to increase their self-awareness and find new ways of coping and relating.

The right time for therapy

Are you, as they say, “sick and tired of being sick and tired?” If so, there’s no better time than right now to start your healing journey. When we feel overwhelmed by the demands of our life or our pain, it’s time to start therapy.

And honestly, I’m not sure there’s a wrong time to start therapy! At its core, therapy is a safe container where we get to process life with a safe person who can help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and our interactions with the world. So, whether you’re facing some of your hardest struggles of life to date, or you’re just wanting to learn more about yourself and your connection to the world around you, the time is now!

How I got started in therapy

When I’m asked this question, I usually say something like, “We don’t become therapists because everything went right in life. More often, we went through something hard, and someone helped us, and we realize we want to help others.”

And this is certainly true for me. The adversities of my childhood brought me to therapy in my late teens, and therapy was an invaluable part of my personal development. Growing up, I was always the most interested in helping professions, and after my first experience in therapy, I knew this was how I could help.

As I’ve continued in my professional development, I continued to fall more in love with this profession. It’s an honor and joy to walk with folks through the shadowy valleys of their life. I’m beyond grateful for this work!

My education

I attained my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in 2015. I’m currently working toward my Ph.D. in Depth Psychology, emphasis in Integrative Therapy and Healing practices, through Pacifica University. I love to learn, and value continuing education. Along with my academic degrees, I’ve completed certifications in EMDR, Advance Grief Counseling, and Ecopsychology.

What I do when not doing therapy.

When I’m not doing therapy, you can usually find me out and about in Santa Barbara with my partner, my dog, or my friends. I love to hang out in our amazing local coffee shops, parks, and museums– and I love to hit the local trails!

This is your time.

Reach out be low to schedule a free 15m consultation with me, and I’ll help guide you through the process!