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The past doesn’t seem to leave you.

You may find yourself haunted by the echoes of past traumas, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, or consumed by loss.

Whether it’s the sting of grief, the shackles of unresolved traumas, or the suffocation from the loss of connection with nature and self…

These struggles can make the world seem disoriented, and the simplest activities of daily life insurmountable.

Therapy Can Help

Through specialized therapies like EMDR and Eco-Therapy, there’s hope to break free from the cycles of pain and despair.

Counseling is a sanctuary where you can safely explore and challenge your thoughts and emotions, and build resilience.

Whether discussing fears while walking on the beach with Eco-Therapy or reprocessing painful memories with EMDR, therapy can help you make it through the darkest of times.

The Transformation After Therapy Can Be Incredible

Imagine feeling unburdened, lighter as the emotional weight leaves you.

Counseling helps weave your losses and experiences into the tapestry of your existence, allowing you to move forward with grace, compassion, and newfound wisdom.

With every step in your healing journey, you get stronger, more confident, and able to enjoy your life again.

I’m here to walk with you on this journey.

If you’re ready to experience life differently,
I’m here to help!

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Hi, I’m Jax!

Welcome To Soul Spark!

Whether you’re struggling with grief, trauma, or feeling stuck in traditional therapy, I am here to guide you on your journey towards living authentically, unburdened by the past, and excited for what the future holds.

I know how challenging it can be to reach out for therapy, but it can be the best step you take to experience life better!

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